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Kolozsvár Pipe Organ Samples

System requirements and recommendations

It is intended (and required) that the Kolozsvar (KOL) Pipe Organ Samples be operated within Hauptwerk, a virtual pipe organ host software application (purchased separately). The Kolozsvar Pipe Organ Samples work both with Hauptwerk 3 and Hauptwerk 4 families, and a valid license for Hauptwerk is required to load the organ.

System requirements for the Kolozsvar Organ
Platform PC/Mac
Host software

Hauptwerk version 3.31 or 4.00 or later
Advanced Edition is recommended, Basic Edition is required


i7 or Xeon or better is recommended
Dual-Core or equivalent is required

Sound card ASIO compatible recommended

For further information, please refer to Hauptwerk's detailed requirements on Hauptwerk's website.

Detailed RAM and polyphony guidelines

Hauptwerk loads all samples in the computer's RAM, with several loading options available according to your computer's specification. For wet and multi-channel sample sets, most of the RAM usage is due to the release samples, which is especially true for the Kolozsvar Pipe Organ Samples. We recommend using Hauptwerk's built-in lossless memory compression to reduce the loading size. Below we have summarised the RAM requirements with their corresponding quality options.

RAM requirements for the Kolozsvar organ
Edition Loading setup Bits Loops Acoustics Releases Required RAM Computer RAM*
Professional Edition
  Full organ, 35 stops 24 all cathedral, 4-channels all 28.64 GB 32 GB yes
  single 20.64 GB 24 GB yes
  250 ms (all) 11.26 GB 16 GB yes
Recommended Full organ, 35 stops 16 all cathedral, 2-channels (front) all 15.08 GB 24 GB yes
  single 11.00 GB 16 GB yes
For convolution reverb 250 ms (all) 6 28 GB 8 GB yes
Personal Edition, Trial Edition
  Full organ, 35 stops 24 all cathedral, 2-channels all 12.89 GB 16 GB yes
  single 8.37 GB 12 GB yes
  250 ms (all) 6.62 GB 8 GB yes
Recommended Full organ, 35 stops 16 all cathedral, 2-channels all 6.93 GB 8 GB yes
  single 5.36 GB 8 GB yes
For convolution reverb 250 ms (all) 4.17 GB 6 GB yes

*The Required RAM column above is the memory requirement that also includes Hauptwerk*'s own memory consumption, so this is all the RAM the sample set and Hauptwerk* together will use, but some additional RAM may be required for the operating system itself, (not included). The measures were obtained on a Windows-based computer. The Computer RAM column shows a recommendation on the amount of RAM your computer should have as a minimum for a given loading setup assuming that some additional RAM is used by the operating system. This value might be different for each case so we recommend the maximum possible amount of RAM you could put in your computer for this sample set, except if you are working with external reverberation or in a dry acoustic environment. Also note that on the Mac you may require more RAM in the computer than the above indicated Computer RAM value, because of the operating system of the Mac. Also note that Windows is capable of loading more content than your available RAM, loading (paging) the additional sample data to your hard drive, reading it once the sound is needed (played). In some cases this will cause glitches in the sound when played in realtime since the hard drive is slower to access than the computer's RAM, but makes the full library usable in offline music composition and recording even if you do not have the required amount of RAM.